Are Holidays a Good Time to Sell Your Home?


The holiday season is the most anticipated time of the year. It’s time to spend with family, go on vacations, sell your house… Wait, sell your house?


You probably waited the whole year to put your house on sale because there are just a few home sellers during holidays, which means fewer competitors. In fact, this is true. However, there are fewer competitors during the holidays because there are fewer buyers. 


In this season, people are busy enough with gifts to buy, dinners to prepare, relatives to attend, that buying a house is the last thing they have in mind. In addition, it’s common to go out of the city during holidays, either for a change of climate or to visit relatives; then there is not enough demand in town for a sale.

Why Selling Your House Could Turn Into a Headache

Buying a house is a very important decision; that’s why it requires time to make a choice. If you are planning to sell your house, you have to wait for at least three months before you put your house on the market.


During this time, your house may need a lot of maintenance to sell it. Buyers often look for houses that require as few repairs as possible. Keeping a house in good condition can bring important benefits when it comes time to sell it.


It would help if you consider repairing any existing leaks, maintaining toilets, sinks, showers, cabinets, floors, walls, roofs, ceilings, HVAC systems, electrical panels, circuit breakers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etcetera.


Even if you hire a real estate agent to handle the sale, you are responsible for repairs, which can be time-consuming. Many people choose to sell their homes to cash home buyers who buy the house in its current condition, take care of any repairs and maintenance, as well as other costs or taxes.

Real Estate Agent vs Cash Home Buyers in Memphis, TN

Apparently, hiring a real estate agent is the best choice; however, the sales process that an agent goes through is too long and costly.

It’s smart to look at all the options you have. While you may be able to get a higher sales price by listing with an agent in Memphis, that doesn’t always mean more money.

Selling your house to a cash home buyer can save you a lot of time, as well as frustrations. Here is a list of reasons why a home buying company is the best choice to sell your house fast:


  • Commissions / Fees: A real estate agent charges on average a 6% commission that the seller must pay. On the other hand, sales with cash home buyers are one-on-one transactions that don’t require any commission.
  • Inspections: Buyers make a home inspection during the purchase process. The sale can fall through if the results are negative. A home buying company buys the house in its current condition, no matter the inspection results.
  • Repairs: If your house needs repairs, you have to care for them. However, cash home buyers handle any repair or maintenance your house may need without charging extra fees. 
  • Sales process time: A real estate agent needs at least 3 months to sell a property. On the other hand, you will receive an immediate cash offer from a local home buying company.

Sell Your Memphis House Fast, Trust Fair Home Offer Memphis

Buyer financing issues, lower-than-expected appraisal, or inspection surprises could be a deal-breaker. These reasons need not be a cause for concern if you sell your home to Fair Home Offer Memphis. 

We will buy your house immediately if you want to sell it fast. Whether we’re on holiday or in summer, we will go to your house, and you will get paid for it without waiting 6-12 months.

Get the cash you need now. 

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