We Make Selling Your Memphis House Simple & Hassle-Free 😉

No complicated processes, repairs, or stressful showings.

Sell in as-is condition

We buy houses in as-is condition which means we will take it exactly how it is!

Easy sales process

Our three-step process eliminates the hassle and stress of selling your house.

Close on your schedule

We can close when you’re ready to sell; whether that’s a week or six months.

No repairs needed

No matter how many repairs your house needs, we can take care of it! We handle all repairs.

No commissions or fees

Since we are buying your house, there are no real estate agent commissions or fees to work with us.

No cleaning needed

When you sell to us, feel free to leave it dirty and with all your unwanted items!

We Can Buy Your House Regardless Of The Condition Or Situation! 😱

Here are a few situations we have helped Memphis homeowners in:

 You need to avoid or prevent foreclosure?
 Behind on taxes?
 Tired of a rental?
 Expired listing?
 Job transfer?
Selling a house vacant?
House needs major repairs?
Fire Damaged?
Hoarder Home?
Pool Issues?
Storm Damage?
Falling behind on payments?
Going through probate?
Health Issues, and need to sell?
Going through a divorce, and need to sell quick?
Job loss?
Code violations?
 Problems with tenants?

Sell Your House Without Real Estate Agent

Selling your home without a realtor to avoid fees and commissions is possible when working with us at Fair Home Offer Memphis!

Many homeowners choose to list their home with a realtor as their first choice when selling it. However, later they can find that agents frequently fail to properly promote their properties and give only a few showings. 

we’re not realtors at Fair Home Offer Memphis, and we don’t list properties. On the other hand, we’re skilled house purchasers. We buy houses in memphis that match our criteria. After that, we may renovate your property and sell it to another resident or keep it as a rental for ourselves.

How Realtors Usually Work

A realtor lists houses with the hope that someone will purchase them. If there are any potential buyers, the agent shows them the properties (the typical time to sell a property in many markets right now is 6-12 months) and then gets a cut of the sale price if one is found.

The fee paid to real estate agents is around 3% to 6% of the asking price for your home (so, if you’re selling a $112,000 property, expect to pay between $3,360 and $6,720 in agent costs). Likewise, realtors provide a valuable service for those who can wait 6-12 months to sell and don’t mind giving up some of their sale prices in order to pay the commissions.

What Makes Fair Home Offer Memphis Different From Realtors

This is what sets us apart from the competition: There are no commissions or fees when you sell your property to us. We buy houses with cash, so it’s easier for us to decide and do business with you within a few days and sometimes the same day. We’ll make you an offer and, if it’s a match, we’ll buy your property (and frequently pay for the closing costs as well!). There are no expenses and no hassle whatsoever. 

On the other hand, We make our money when we sell the house for a profit after paying for the necessary repairs. Moreover, it’s important to mention that we’re assuming the risks here of whether or not we can sell it for a profit once we buy the property from you; the responsibility is now ours, and you walk away without the burden of the property or its payments.

More Benefits Of Selling Your House To Our Company

There many other benefits if you decide to sell your property to our company, such as: 

  • Sell as-is: We buy houses as-is, which opens the door for you to avoid costly repairs that would otherwise be considered yours. If you know you can’t afford to fix or renovate your house yourself, consider selling it to us!
  • Fast closing: We can complete the sale of your property within 7 days because it does not require authorized financing, assessed values, or home inspections. Being able to avoid all of these procedures shortens the time required.

At Fair Home Offer Memphis, we’re ready to make you an offer with no obligation! Once you’ve told us about your house, we’ll look at it and get in touch with you to get additional details.

No Hassle, Just Cash!

Selling your houses with an agent, selling your house the traditional way can be very costly. No one wants to pay the cost of repairs and agent fees and other closing fees. With us we help you avoid all that. We will buy your house for cash in Memphis!

Sell My Home Fast Memphis

We’ll know very quickly if we can help you, and unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing… we’re ready to buy your house in Memphis right now!

Why add all the stress & potentially months to the process? We can buy your house in Memphis— yeah that’s right, we buy houses Memphis TN — really fast! Don’t let this opportunity slip away from you, call us now at 901-403-8748!

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Why Pay Thousands In Commissions And Fees??

Before you lock yourself up into a contract with a realtor, why not request an offer from us to find out your alternative option? We won’t waste your time with a “lowball” offer – if it doesn’t work out for you, no worries at all. We’ll still review all your options with you and can part our separate ways with no hurt feelings. It’s 100% FREE, there’s no obligation to accept, and we’re not pushy salespeople! You truly have nothing to lose. 🙂

Fair Home Offer Memphis works different than most real estate investment companies because we actually care about the people involved in our real estate transactions. Some folks are just in it for the money… not us. When you sell your house in Memphis to Fair Home Offer Memphis, we’ll help you get from point A to point B! We’re not just gonna leave you and your family out there to figure things out on your own; we want to come alongside you to help!

You can go ahead and send us information in the form below, and we will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Usually, it takes us around 24 to 48 hours. We will give you a call and show you the options available to help you solve your current situation.

All of our services are completely free since we won’t charge you any fees. There is no hassle, stress, obligation, or commitment.